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Sep 30, 2012 8:30am PDT
1962 in detroit, and you were how old? >> 16. >> hinojosa: 16, and you get your first big break. >> mm-hmm. >> hinojosa: and it's... what's the nature of that song that you recorded? >> a song that i hated for a very long time, because it made me an instant adult. all of my friends were doing american bandstand, and you wanted to go... you wanted first of all to have a crossover record, which "my man" would never have done at that time, because it was a bck rhythm and blues record about a black situation, worded for black people. and it took me directly where... well, the supremes hadn't had their first record then. i mean their first national record. but the other young people, like the shirelles, whoever, were all together. and i was on the road with clyde mcphatter and ben e. king. everybody was at least six years older than me, six to 15 years older than me. >> hinojosa: so bettye, here you are, you're a teenager, you're singing about your man, and you've got this voice that you yourself have said it's gruff, it's harsh. what was going on for you as a kid at that time? because you'
Sep 30, 2012 12:00am EDT
are pretty much uniform across the east coast at this time. 57 oberoi and detroit's. trust and looking at 51 degrees -- charleston looking at 51 degrees. here is a spot looking to clear up just a little bit. we have a straight shower or two across western pennsylvania. really, not expecting much. tomorrow, we may see a few sprinkles, mainly west of the sea, and we will see that in our futurecast, over the next 48 hours. here are those scattered showers. they are really not going to amount to much. winchester cumberland, you may see a few raindrops. if you lapland's outdoors tomorrow, do not cancel the. you should not have -- if you have plants outdoors tomorrow, do not cancel them. you should not have problems at all. we will see the potential for heavier rain, and that will happen late monday night into tuesday. worth watching. we will keep you updated. of course, online we will start off with sunshine and clouds will increase through the afternoon hours. a sprinkle or two. temperatures are going to warm to nearly 80 degrees on wednesday, and then by thursday and fri
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Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
they have is football, and that's why detroit should be the 27-year in a row world champion. >> it is self-esteem professional sports. ityou are a nice man. >> it has been at least a year since green bay won a title for goodness sakes. >> but that's all they have. they need that. >> detroit is like the book of ely of the -- book of ely. write that down. >> i will write that down, and i don't know why. rob, do you want to say something? >> i want to pose a question to you first. is this the worst call in sports history? i include the billy jean king ripoff over bobbie rigs? >> it is way up there, but the nfl does this every few years. >> i was joking by the way. >> 10 years ago -- was it 10 years ago they basically gave the game to the new england patriots with the tuck rule? it is absolutely ridiculous. it was a horrible, horrible call, and then the nfl said it was a simultaneous catch even though their own rule as they explained why it wasn't a simultaneous catch, and this is one of -- i'm sorry, this is one of those cases where the nfl owners are making -- are giving the 1% a bad
Sep 30, 2012 2:00am PDT
neighborhoods in new york, san francisco, san jose, peninsula, a detroit suburb, and chicago. we are going to be launching in cleveland and dallas, end of april/early may, and as we iterate on product, we will get better, but the idea is that it is open, and it allows for publishers to publish their content on the platform, people to actually communicate and for dissipate on the platform, and for the original content if you want to do that. the exact reason that you mentioned, which is yahoo! is not going to know oakland better than oakland local, so why not have them be the voice, and we provide carriage for distribution? >> [inaudible] >> [inaudible] challenges described, and are they similar in your community? >> we broadcast news on a seven- day basis. one hour of cantonese news and one hour of mandated -- one hour of mandarin is. challenges are daunting and hard to overcome here in the past, we were protected by our own language. we are the only game in town. but once you are online, that advantage will go away very quickly because those people will go on line -- everybody is your com
Sep 30, 2012 3:56pm EDT
have seen you before. [laughter] >> what is the status of the talks between detroit and greece -- between troika and agrees? there is news that there is a deadlock on the measures. we really don't know what is happening right now on the talks. and they are even saying that there is a budget shortfall of $20 billion. can you tell us what is going on? >> i would be happy to tell you what i know could i was not in the room. but i can assure you that our people, including our chief man on the man on the ground are doing everything they cannot in order to help and assist and put them back on track. i am not finished, i will address the issues now. we do not need to $11.5 billion in cuts. we need a series of cuts and additional revenue in order to come if you will, fill in and help the country redress its public finance situation. that is number one. no. 2, we need some structural reform. so that those who can work, who want to have these markets, they can actually do so. many of the professions i increase are still closed up. a lot of these other professions are still highly protect
Sep 30, 2012 8:45am EDT
he took the case. an african-american physicians and move into a white neighborhood in detroit. it was the summer that the klan had marched down pennsylvania avenue. you might remember the photos from our history books and high-school, all of those folks in white robes walking with the capitol behind them. in detroit a mob gathered pricking the windows of the house threatening its inhabitants. he and his family and friends fired that crowd killing one man and injuring another, there were charged with murder. defending into a grueling trial that spanned seven months for a token fee raised by the naacp. he won the case but was staggered by a heart attack in the summer of 1926 and was never the same. the great theme block -- the long war that he fought in is much to the courtrooms and cases was the defense of individual liberty from the relentless crushing and personal forces of modernity. no era of the world has witnessed such a rapid concentration of wealth and power as this one. history furnishes about the lessons of the inevitable result . liberty produced prosperity and this pros
Sep 29, 2012 11:30pm PDT
one a 3-run shot. the a's were 4-10 winners. >>> and detroit is two away from the wild card spot in the central. cabrera with the shot 6-4 for the win. puts him back in the triple drown crown conversation. >>> it's all about positions if -r the play off -- positions in the play offs for the giants. it's not more than what they saw from baumgartner. these days their fans travel well and they have a laugh at themselves. they probably would have had to take an early exit if they did this at at&t park. pence with a first shot in the 4th inning. it looked like the giants had made it 4-0. one batter later, xavier with a ball to center. that one clearly brought back by mayben takes a chunk out of the wall. the pirates get two in the fourth, then here in the first chase hedly. september30th on the year for hedley a benchmark for him. giving up five runs, the padres win 7-3. both teams win one last time tomorrow before the giants finish the play offseason. >>> the cardinals hosted the nationals. they're tied 4-4 in the tenth. then suzuki hit one into center. both come into score as the natio
Sep 30, 2012 4:00am EDT
right. there are people in detroit where i grew up who were born on the east side who had never even been to the west side of the city. you're talking about picking up tickets at will call. these folks are just riding the bus. they don't have a lot of resources and a lot of opportunities. what we need are more individuals to stand up to their own parties and say, that's not right. i want our guy to win. but i want our guy to win fairly. >> passionate opinions on that. a lot to talk about. president obama and mitt romney, they go face to face as american voters weigh their choice. the first of three presidential debates will be next wednesday night. watch it live on cnn, 7:00 eastern and on as well. >>> meanwhile, as the president and mitt romney get ready for wednesday's showdown, we have learned a little inside info on how they're getting ready. senator john kerry will play the role of mitt romney when mr. obama holds his practice sessionings. and ohio senator rob portman is portraying the president during mitt romney's debate preps. >>> the pope's butler went on trial today
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
yesterday morning at a home near detroit. she received nationwide attention for collecting welfare benefits after winning a $735,000 lottery prize. friends say she was addicted to drugs including zanax. >> just went down the wrong path. when she got the money, the freedom, felt like she could do whatever she wanted. some people just don't have the will power. >> in june clayton pleaded no contest to fraud and repaid $5500. michigan officials say she did not inform the state about her lottery windfall. the controversy led to a new state law requiring lottery administrators to inform the state about new winners. >>> survivors of the movie theater massacre in colorado may be returning to the scene of the shooting. on thursday aurora's district attorney sent an e-mail to victims and family members of the 12 people skilled asking -- killed asking if they would like to visit the site. some of the survivors have expressed interest in returning to the theater for closure. >> it's not going to be pretty but i don't want my perception of the event of the theater the place to live in my head
Sep 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
michigan state lottery last year has died. 25-year-old amanda clayton was found in her suburban detroit home saturday. police haven't released an official cause of death, but they do suspect a possible drug overdose. clayton hit headlines earlier this year when she was forced to be sentenced to probation for admitting she continued to collect food stamps even after she won $1 million. >>> my guests for today's faces of fate. how to find the right god for you. i'm sure you have the main religions, christianity judaism, islam, but there are thousands more. eric whiner imersed himself in eight different religions, many widely known. others quite obscure. first sufism, booedism, franciscan and then there's rail, the world estlargest ufo-based religion focused on pleasure. , taoism, wica, a tribal spirituality based on nature and sometimes using hallucinogenens and then finally kaballah, madonna practices this. this is a book called "man seeks god." he joins us now from washington. eric, good morning. it's absolutely fascinating what you did. tell us how you started this junior where i. >> w
Sep 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
detroit and a bunch of other places. it would be nice to hear mitt romney talk about how he helps the wealthy and middle class. what's his plan to get people out of poverty. >> this is the story behind the numbers. you can have unemployment and still have poverty because of the nature of wage stagnation. you were saying in the break that you thought the october surprise happened in september. >> we decided. >> because of early voting, as you talked about, the october surprise actually has already happened. it happened in september and it was that 47% video where you had mitt romney unplugged, unfiltered in a nice cocoon with his upper 1% friends or disparaging, belittling the 47% and not just saying they're not going to vote for me. but saying i can't do anything for them. they don't want to take responsibility for their lives. that's unbelievably damaging. for there to be a summit on poverty, cgi to have mitt romney talk about that. people would sit back -- >> that feels like that would be rich in the debate. >> that is the other key part of it. same comparison to the 2008 gaffe of c
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)